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Are You:
a “Keep it Simple Stupid” Observer?
a “Devil’s in the Detail” Evaluator?
a “Be Careful Out There” Predictor?
a “I Have a Dream” Creator?
a “Screw It Let’s Do It”  Performer?

10 Quick Questions to discover your natural strength…


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featured Jonathan Chase

“I’m excited about this. It’s the first psychometric personality profiling I’ve seen targeted purely at the 'Subconscious Mind'.”

Dr. Peter Lennig, Consultant Psychiatrist, Stockholm.

Jane Bregazzi. CEO Publisher at SubSkills Training
Jonathan Chase "the King of Subconscious Skills Success"
Hey, it’s Jane and Jonathan from SubSkills Training ltd. We love your Mind STYLE. We don’t know what it is yet, but it’s You.
It’s how you are wired to behave, especially when no one else is looking.
Mind STYLE is your nature, your Subconscious Talents You Leverage Easily, and we’ll get a blast from helping you discover and develop it. Then we’ll show you Subconscious Skills you didn’t know you have to Succeed.

I can't thank you enough for my Mind STYLE - it just made so much sense. Now I can look at my work colleagues and know how to behave and react. I've told them all to do it and our work relationships have really strengthened. I certainly look at people now through different eyes.

Sally Hardcastle - ILN Communications (Yorkshire) Tweet

I really wasn't sure about this. Thought it was just another profile system. And I've done a lot! But to be honest this was a revelation - just a whole new way of thinking and looking at myself and others around me. The manual is a must though - without it, it doesn't piece together. I've been wowed!

Terry Morgan - business owner Tweet
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