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How to use your Expertise and your Subconscious Skills for Success…
EnABLE A Better Lifestyle Enterprise

First complete the world’s only truly subconscious psychometric profiling
Mind STYLE app and get a free copy of Jonathan Chase and Jane Bregazzi’s e-book ‘What’s Your Mind STYLE – the success seekers guide to Subconscious Talents You Leverage Easily’.

Then check out our fast, fun, effective mind and enterprise training packages…

4 - 5 - 5+ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ STAR TRAINING PACKAGES

4 Star Training

You’re a Success Seeker looking for Subconscious Skills to improve your Confidence, Influence and Personal Power ; when you sell, tell, teach, train, coach, consult, speak, educate professionally communicate or even just entertain. 
You want more Profit from your endeavours, more Pleasure from your adventures, and more Presence in your relationships.


5 Star Training

You’re an expert, needing a Business Blueprint Briefing Document, detailing your Brand, Bullseye Targeted Audience, BIG Benefits, Business Bedrock, and of course Your Book Publishing  and Product Plan. You want validated Recognition, to have more Reach, and to Leave a Legacy. 


5+1 Star Training

You want more success and less stress in the second half of your life. to be ABLE with A Better Lifestyle Enterprise. You want to restructure and regenerate and Keep It Simple. 
You get the true value of a DONE FOR YOU Lifestyle Enterprise Professional Production  Package where you Just need to be great at what you are great at; and let someone else do the rest. 



Jonathan Chase

Staffordshire Coal Miners son to Award Winning International Edutainer.
Best selling Globally Renown Mind Expert, Observer, Podcaster. Wheelchair user.
Consultant Hypnotist Author Speaker Edutainer
#SubSkills #SubconsciousSkillsSuccess #WNOEIL podcast
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Jane Bregazzi

London born Engineers daughter and Award Winning International Event Organiser. B.A.
C.E.O., SubSkills ltd Mind Expert, Creator, Podcaster.
S.A.D. for 35 years, now happy Mum and Grandma.
Consultant Hypnotist Author Speaker Edutainer
#SubSkills #SubconsciousSkillsSuccess #WNOEIL podcast
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