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What are SubSkills?

Okay so the word Manipulation is not nice, so instead think Psychological Direction and Influence.

If you are or have a business, or expertise you profit from, you will sell, tell, teach, train, coach, consult, lead, speak, present and educate, whether you want to or not. The trick of success is to use what comes out of, and goes in to, the Subconscious Mind – yours and theirs.

Subconscious Skills for Success, are basically the things you do when no one else is looking. Those behaviours that make you who you are, doing what you do, using an easy to understand and use behavioural and communications model. 

Your SubSkills are your communication habits, routines and STYLE. Those Subconscious Talents You Leverage Easily. 

Einstein is associated with saying that, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” 

After building their hypnosis training business to be among the best in the world; despite living with Jon’s disability in a wheelchair, Jane and Jonathan’s company had a business blowout in 2014 when their company became too big. 

They then realised it was time to take their own advice and do what their consulting clients nearly always have to do, Simplify. . .

#SubSkills are an easy to apply simplified eclectic collection of the most effective and engaging techniques from Speaking, Stage Hypnosis, Mentalism, Metaphysics, NLP, Anchoring, Sales, Suggestion and Practical Performance Psychology. 

Refined to super-charge your subconscious success skills and communications, networking, negotiating, selling, consulting, speaking, educating and even entertaining, will all benefit when you use your SubSkills better.

Honed to maximise your business and lifestyle, by boosting your Communication Confidence, Focus and Impact by simply utilising your natural Subconscious Skills For Success. 

Definition of subskill: plural subskills or sub-skills [Miriam-Webster]

: a skill that is part of and necessary to another more complex skill.

“I’m excited about this. It’s the first profiling I’ve seen targeted purely at the 'Subconscious Mind'.”

Dr. Peter Lennig, Consultant Psychiatrist, Stockholm.

Jane Bregazzi

We love your Mind STYLE. We don’t know what it is yet, but it’s You. It’s the Best Version of You.
It’s what creates your brand, business, bedrock, and, if we fit together, then we’ll all get a blast from helping you discover and work with it. Then we’ll show you #SubSkills you didn’t know you have to Succeed. 

Jonathan Chase

"Do this! It will help you determine your personality behaviour type, harness its STRENGTH and put its strength to work to make your life better."

Kim Robert English

Are You:
a “Keep it Simple Stupid”  Observer?
a “Devil’s in the Detail” Evaluator?
a “Be Careful Out There” Predictor?
an “I Have a Dream” Creator?
a “Screw It Let’s Do It”  Performer?