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Subconscious Skills takes You into deep subconscious rapport and then shows you how to do the same thing. Excellent insights into applied influence. I enjoyed it all and was impressed with the multitude of examples and specific applications.
[ Foreword from the book "How to make friends with Yourself and INFLUENCE people" ]
Dr Kevin Hogan
Author of The Science of Influence
“I have seen so much successful influence around me using the amazing techniques in Jon's course. Once he began leading me through Subconscious Skills he exceeded my expectations. I believe that with this course you will be able to demonstrate at really high levels of influence around yourself in every area of your life. Get out there and use it. You can improve your life with this course”
Jeffery Stephens
Late Hypnotist St Louis MO
The programme is jam packed with persuasion techniques you won't find anywhere else that are becoming extremely helpful when dealing with clients, specially new ones. The great thing about all this in my experience is that even without consciously using the techniques there is a vibe, an air about you that makes you magnetic, now that is something you can't buy anywhere.
David Carreno
Actor and Speaker Hollywood CA
“I purchased your Subconscious Skills years ago. That was a very powerful program worth much more than the cost. The Subconscious Skills learnt here are wonderful! I have spent thousands of dollars on marketing systems that aren't as effective. It is great for novices to advanced marketers and persuaders!”
Brian Walden
Professional Training and Coaching

Subconscious Skills Success
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SubSkills for?

If you sell, tell, teach, train, coach, consult, write, speak, network, negotiate, Lead, compete, educate or even entertain you will benefit from training your SubSkills to professionally communicate better.

Help Yourself?

Help yourself to get huge insights to what makes you tick or simply get to understand and use applied psychology, hypnotic language, neurolinguistics, mesmerism, and Mind STYLE in next to no time. 

#SubSkills empowers you, enhances your lifestyle experience and boosts your business. Education and Entertainment the way it should be: fast, fun, effective Edutainment, delivered as simply as possible.
Powerful self help guides, take you from brand-leading techniques and know how using digital media online tutorials, through to your very own inspirational life changing experience.

If you enjoy discovering new cutting edge skills and ways to use these communication and self betterment techniques in real world coaching and consultation, then ask about the Practitioner Package – premium VIP offers, exclusive event tickets and networking with others who share your interests and move in personal and professional development.

How do SubSkills and Mind STYLE work?

As for your professional and personal communications your SubSkills govern and decide how you do what you do and direct how you get and give what you, and those you’ll influence, need and want.

Are SubSkills Guaranteed?


Guarantees are called ‘Ethical Bribes’ in the marketing world because they are designed to get you to hand over your cash. The majority of people will then not ask for their money back because that feels like a failure – or just rude. We know SubSkills work because we use them and, we’re really humbled and gratified to say others have as well. 

So we won’t use a cheap trick like a fancy guarantee sign… sorry.

Is there a trial?

Seeing as you’ve got this far… When you complete the MindSTYLEapp we’ll give you lots of info. Of course we guarantee our work with you within the confines of good old common sense, and of common law, but for most of our strategies and training it really is down to you to make it work.

Now Choose Your Level

Life can be a battle to be fought if you want; but we believe it should be an experience to be enhanced

Explorer LEVEL

Profit Pleasure Play

You just want to get started with our methods and techniques; and you want to do that right now!

You like online training Videos, Audio, Text tutorials online. Designed to give you Success without Stress if your success feels stuck, stymied, or stale . 

Help yourself to Self Knowledge, Improvement and  Influence Methods from, Mentalism, Mesmerism, Metaphysics, Strategies from Suggestion and subconscious Direction, Techniques from Stage Hypnotism, NLP, Body language, and Modelling from Mind STYLE.

Starter LEVEL

Confidence, Influence, Presence

the Mind STYLE Subconscious Skills SUCCESS starter online and live events.

Nothing gets you to success with venture, projects, careers, even relationships, faster than focus and clarity on SubSkills, the little things you do to get what you want. Solutions and Rewards from these simple strategies include, Comfortable Confidence, Increased Influence, 
Personal Presence
and much, much, more.

Every month or so a live  3 hour online training session and a few tomes a year touring evening events… with Jonathan Chase and Jane bregazzi, adding to a deep dive ever growing library of momentum and motivation creating knowledge and experience to help you fill in the gaps and get your Mojo, Magic and Momentum going!

Foundation FOCUS LEVEL

A Better Lifestyle Enterprise

Turn your expertise and experience into an profitable enterprise.

3 day live and streamed Workshop. Designed to give you a Subconscious Foundation Focus giving you a blueprint to build your brand, business, bullseye targeted audience, and the Script for everything you present from a Book to podcast interviews and broadcasts, seminars, tutorials, even TedX Talks.

If you have a business this gets rid of the ‘what do I talk about’ syndrome…

We’ll deep dive how to use a Profit Pyramid and business WELL…. forget funnels – and how to Boost your business and Enhance Your Lifestyle when you learn to utilise our SubSkills techniques and methods within your own skill set and professional services. 

Includes all accommodation and full years VIP access to all of our online material.

APPLY to be added to our
‘by invitation only’ list…  

Mentoring LEVEL


Able cover front

This our done with and for you Full Monty Mentoring;
3day Personal Focus
Partnership Publishing, Producing Products,
Studio Sound and Video
Promotion and Publicity.

Speaking and Interview scripts, business plan everything for professionals, executives and experts, who are tired of the hassle of hustling, want some validation and recognition, and need to restructure and refocus rather than retire; we’ll enABLE you to get a A Better Lifestyle Enterprise.

Success without stress  a complete Publication and Product Production Partnership where you bring your expertise and enthusiasm, we do most of the work.

Starts with three days with us in a luxury venue and includes professionally shot videos, audio publicity materials, and continues with 180 – 360 days of full on free access support.
If you’re interested and not frightened by a 5 figure investment…


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